Acoustic Quilting for Sports Pitches

Acoustic Quilting for sports & leisure

Provision of local sports and leisure facilities has been a key focus in recent years, offering valuable additions to local communities. However, despite the positive impacts, there is no doubt that such facilities can create unwanted noise for local residents and businesses.

The sound of a ball repeatedly impacting the fence, a referee's whistle blowing, shouting from players, particularly in the evening hours has the potential to create a disturbance!

Local councils insist on consideration of noise when planning a project, and usually request noise mitigation measures as a condition of planning.

Consideration of appropriate acoustic control is therefore vital at the early planning stage to reduce the likelihood of complaints and maintain good relationships with local councils and residents.

Our acoustic blankets create an effective sound barrier to reduce noise breakout from sports, games and other leisure activities.

Effective noise reduction for sports and leisure facilities

Our acoustic quilting makes an ideal noise barrier for:

  • Football pitches
  • Tennis courts
  • Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA)
  • Gym and leisure centre outdoor facilities
  • Schools, university and college sports facilities
  • Skate parks and BMX / pump tracks
sound reduction sports pitch

Acoustic quilting as a noise barrier

Our acoustic quilting panels are an effective way of creating a sound barrier between sports pitches and the surrounding area. They are easy to install and have the added benefit of being portable, meaning assembly and dismantling is possible should the need arise.

The acoustic panels are high density, industrial grade with superior acoustic performance. Both water and fire resistant, our acoustic blankets are highly durable and are suitable to withstand the elements outdoors!

Our acoustic blankets can be custom made to size and colour, with the option of your logo.

Our acoustic consultants have extensive experience in noise control around sports pitches and leisure facilities. Contact our team to discuss your requirements and find out more about our soundproofing solutions.

Are you looking to soundproof your sports facilities?

Find out more about our best selling NC6 acoustic blankets - NC6 acoustic quilting panels

Our NC1 acoustic blankets are also suitable for use as a noise barrier for sports pitches. Being of a lesser density, they can offer a more budget solution to noise control - NC1 acoustic quilting panels

Useful links: Sport England: Artificial Grass Pitch (AGP) Acoustics - Planning Implications (2015)

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