Acoustic quilted blankets

If you’re looking for an effective noise control solution, our acoustic quilted blankets may be the answer. They’re versatile, cost effective, and come available in various acoustic densities. Each offers different levels of acoustic absorption suited to your chosen application.

Acoustic blankets and curtains for industrial enclosure and construction sites

Our acoustic blankets are the perfect solution if you’re looking to enclose, or partially enclose, noisy industrial processes or plant machinery.

They’re made from a layered acoustic composite, consisting of a high-density internal noise barrier core sandwiched between two layers of fire-retardant fibre. These are totally enclosed in a durable, wipe clean surface.

The facing material is both fire retardant to Class ‘0’ of the building regulations, and water resistant, making it suitable for internal or external use.

Our industrial noise blanket system is supplied as modular units, allowing you to easily cover various sizes and areas using industrial stitched in Velcro. You can also incorporate viewing panels and doors as required.

These acoustic blankets are designed to be hung from a fixing bar such as scaffolding poles, or Heras type fencing, and are available with 2 different hanging options:

  • Galvanised steel hooks, Velcro straps or eyelets for bolt fixings.
  • Suspended using a track and trolley system to allow the curtains to be opened from left to right.

Acoustic blanket soundproofing for education, music studios and commercial premises

Our quilted blankets are widely used as a cost-effective method of soundproofing and wall insulation for educational settings, music studios and commercial premises.

We can supply the soundproofing acoustic blanket in bespoke sheet sizes with Velcro type and eyelet fixings, or by the roll.

The acoustic blankets are provided with a coated waterproof finish and have a class ‘0’ fire rating. They provide a safe, industrial standard degree of noise absorption, and can drastically reduce noise transmission from music rehearsal rooms, classrooms, offices and call centres, amongst a wide range of other applications.

They’re not just practical either, as a range of fabric choices alongside 80 different colours means you can combine noise reduction with a decorative finish.

Acoustic barriers for sports pitches and facilities

Our acoustic blanket noise barrier for sports and MUGA pitches can provide you with the perfect noise screen for indoor and outdoor sports areas and venues.

They offer a high degree of acoustic absorption, including noise from shouting and ball impact. As they’re available in modular panels, you can get them in bespoke sizes to any width or height. *

With these versatile noise screens available in a range of colours, and easily fixed to existing fences and barriers, they’re a simple and effective way of reducing the noise impact of sports.

*Subject to design based on wind loading and other factors.

The benefits of noise control blankets, barriers and screens

  • Reduced acoustic transmission and noise impact thanks to high degree of absorption.
  • Safe, with waterproof and fire-retardant coatings, plus hygienic version available.
  • Made to fit with bespoke sizes and site survey and design service available.
  • Quick and easy installation, including to Heras style fencing, scaffolding and via eyelets, Velcro etc.
  • Noise control that looks good – company branding can be included, green for sports pitches, coloured, decorative fabric finishes and so on.

Not sure if they’re the right solution for you?

Whether you think our acoustic quilted blankets are the right solution for your noise nuisances or not, we’re happy to help.

We always recommend an acoustic survey is carried out on site to confirm exact noise insulation requirements and ensure we match them with the right products.

We take pride in offering jargon-free acoustic consultancy, so please get in touch today.

    Case Studies

    Forest Gate School, MUGA pitches

    NoiseAir were approached by Neilcott Construction as part of a project to install acoustic quilting around a new MUGA (multi-use games area) pitch at Forest Gate School, London. The location of the new pitch was in a predominantly residential area and there was a concern that elevated noise levels would emanate from the pitch, causing a disturbance to local residents. NoiseAir supplied and installed our best-selling NC6 acoustic quilting panels to surround the pitch. NC6 aids reduction in the noise audible to residents by acting as a physical barrier to noise transmission and also the noise absorption properties of the NC6 which assist when balls impact the surface.

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