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Our air quality consultants work throughout Greater Manchester and the UK, with a team of fully qualified air quality specialists at your disposal. Our clients include local councils and agencies, blue-chip manufacturers, the NHS, Universities, major planners and developers, as well as the general public.

Whether your project involves a large scale industrial development or a simple residential conversion, you can rely on our expertise.

Air quality assessments for planning applications

If your project falls within an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA), you will need an air quality assessment as part of your planning application. Our consultants have extensive experience in air quality assessments for planning. We have longstanding relationships with local authorities and will liaise with them on your behalf to overcome any air quality related issues to satisfy planning conditions. We carry out air quality surveys for residential, commercial and industrial developments, as well as educational and leisure facility planning applications.

Odour assessments for planning applications

If your project is likely to cause an odour that will impact on its surroundings, or if your proposed development is near to any existing odour sources, an odour assessment may be required as part of your planning application.

Our team of air quality consultants are experienced in odour assessments and will work closely with Environmental Health Officers to overcome any odour related issues.

Air quality monitoring

We offer a range of air quality monitoring services including ambient air quality monitoring, passive nitrogen oxide diffusion tube monitoring, emissions monitoring, dust and PM10 monitoring, as well as indoor air quality monitoring services.

Appropriate air quality monitoring is essential to ensure compliance with emission limit values as well as local and national air quality objectives.

Environmental permit applications

Environmental permits are needed for any activities that may cause pollution to the atmosphere, water or land.

Many industrial processes release pollution with a potential to adversely impact the surrounding environment and health of local residents. Industrial processes are therefore tightly regulated in order to minimise (and appropriately manage) their impact on the local environment.

We offer a wide range of services to support any permitting requirements. Our experienced air quality consultants can propose mitigation strategies to limit potential environmental impacts and aid compliance with regulations.

Dispersion modelling

We use sophisticated air quality dispersion modelling software as standard for our air quality and odour assessments.

Dispersion modelling allows us to accurately demonstrate how pollutants will disperse in the atmosphere, and provides an estimate of the pollution concentration levels at nearby receptors e.g. local residents or businesses. The modelling takes into account local weather conditions, building layouts and topography resulting in accurate identification of any site-specific issues.

Dispersion modelling of atmospheric emissions is usually requested for planning and environmental permit applications as well as for maintaining compliance.

Dust assessments & dust management plans

Dust can be generated from a number of sources including construction and demolition, mineral extraction and quarrying, as well as waste management and other industrial processes.

Consideration of dust is an important part of the planning process. Excessive dust production can not only lead to complaints, but can also have a detrimental impact on health.

Indoor air quality assessments

Our indoor and workplace air quality assessments can investigate common internal pollutants such as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), formaldehyde, moulds and bacteria, dust, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

We can provide workplace exposure monitoring for COSHH Regulations, as well as air quality monitoring for BREEAM ( Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method).

Carbon footprint and greenhouse gas (GHG) assessments

The climate change and global warming crisis has led to an increased awareness of our carbon footprint. We work closely with businesses and organisations to assess carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions and deliver carbon neutral strategies.

Carbon and greenhouse gas assessments are often required for planning applications and environmental permits for commercial and industrial developments.

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Our air quality and odour assessment services cover:

  • Planning Applications – air quality and odour assessments in support of planning applications for residential developments, commercial or industrial developments.
  • Environmental Permit Applications – air quality assessments and monitoring in support of permitting for recycling and waste management facilities, industrial processes, combustion plant, incineration, mines and quarrying waste .
  • Odour Assessments – food processing, restaurants and takeaways, sewage treatment, intensive animal farming, waste management, industrial processes.
  • Bioaerosol Risk Assessments – for permitting and ensuring compliance.
  • Stack Emissions Monitoring – for compliance with environmental legislation.
  • Complaints Investigation – odour, fumes, dust and smoke.
  • Air Quality Management Plans – for dust, odour and emissions.

Frequently Asked Questions - Air Quality & Odour Assessments

What is an air quality assessment?
An air quality assessment will typically determine the baseline air quality of a given area. The survey will also include sensitive receptors (e.g. residents, businesses or locations) that may be affected by altered air quality as a result of the construction of a project, or by the operation of that project once developed.
When do I need an air quality assessment?
If your project falls within an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA), or your project is likely to create dust or emissions during the construction or its subsequent operation, you are likely to require an air quality assessment.
How much does an air quality assessment cost?
We carry out a number of different types of air quality survey on projects of varying size so costs can vary. However, we pride ourselves on being competitive and providing you with cost-effective solutions. Our air quality surveys are based on a flat fee with no hidden extra charges. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and get a fast quotation.
How much does an odour assessment cost?
We carry different types of odour assessments so costs can vary. We aim to be competitive and provide you with cost-effective solutions. Our odour surveys are based on a flat fee with no hidden extra charges. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and get a fast, no obligation quote.
How long does it take to carry out an air quality assessment?
This is dependent on the project and the type of air quality assessment being carried out, but we aim to carry out your noise survey and produce your report within two weeks of instruction. However, if you have a specific tight deadline, we will endeavour to meet it!
How long does it take to carry out an odour assessment?
This is dependent on the nature of the project and the type of odour assessment being carried out. If site work is required, adverse weather conditions can have an effect on timeframes. However we do aim to complete the survey within two weeks of instruction. If you have a specific deadline, please contact us and we will endeavour to fulfil your requirements.
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