Our services include air quality assessments for planning, air quality monitoring and odour assessments.

Air quality assessments for planning applications

Air quality assessments are an important requirement for development proposals. Planning applications and industrial permits can be rejected due to the impact of your project on air quality, both during the construction phase, and in its future operational use.

This is due to increased recognition of the effects of increased air pollution on the health of individuals in residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural settings.

We have a wealth of experience working on planning applications. We have developed longstanding relationships with local authorities and Environmental Health Officers and will happily liaise with them on your behalf to overcome any air quality issues.

We pride ourselves on a collaborative approach and will work closely alongside your architects, developers, builders and other individuals.

We aim to give your planning application the best chance of approval, first time.

Our air quality assessment services include:

  • Air quality tests & assessments in support of planning applications
  • Air quality assessments in support of environmental permit applications
  • Dispersion modelling assessments
  • Odour assessments
  • Bioaerosol risk assessments
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Complaint investigation
  • Dust assessments and mitigation
  • Dust and odour management plans
  • Emissions mitigation
  • Indoor air quality testing
Air Quality Assessments

Our air quality monitoring services include:

  • Ambient baseline air quality monitoring
  • Passive nitrogen dioxide diffusion tube monitoring
  • Stack emissions monitoring
  • Odour monitoring including emission sampling and quantification to BS EN 13725:2003
  • Field odour assessments
  • Indoor air quality monitoring for BREEAM
  • Ambient and stack bioaerosol measurement
  • Workplace exposure monitoring for COSHH Regulations

Indoor air quality testing

If your building has poor air quality, occupants, employees and visitors can be affected in many ways.

The sources causing poor air quality can vary. Common environmental factors include temperature, humidity and ventilation systems. Air quality can also be affected by contaminants from within your building, such as chemicals, dust, mould and fungi.

These lead to common symptoms like dryness and irritation to the eyes, nose and throat, coughing and sneezing, fatigue, headaches and allergic reactions.

None of these symptoms are conducive to a healthy and positive environment, whether an indoor space is used for learning, working or as a residence.

Inadequate ventilation and emission systems can result in sickness and absence from work, which is detrimental to individuals and businesses.

We can work with you to assess the quality of air in and around your building, including emissions and baseline levels of pollution.

We achieve this by taking a holistic view of the issues you’re facing, helping you to identify and remediate sources of air contamination.

Odour assessment for planning applications

Odour is another important aspect to consider as part of your planning application for a new development. This includes how your project may release odours that impact on its surroundings, as well as if your proposed development is near to any existing odours (e.g., sewage works and animal processes).

We have a wealth of experience in the use of modelling, measurement, and survey techniques, and will work closely with local authorities and Environmental Health Officers on your behalf.

Working alongside other specialists, we are also able to specify mitigation measures where appropriate.

Our collaborative approach and knowledge of the regulatory processes means we can give your application the best chance of timely approval, first time.

Guidance of the assessment of odour for planning:


Why work with NoiseAir for your air quality testing?

With all our work undertaken to the relevant British or International standards, you can be sure all returned results are accurate.

You can also have complete confidence all data provided will be accepted by the relevant regulatory or reviewing body.

We cover the whole of the UK and offer a quick response and turnaround whenever possible.

We take pride in offering you sound, jargon-free consultancy and advice.

You’ll also get a firm and competitive quotation for all work undertaken.

If you’re facing an air quality problem and not quite sure what service you need, please give us a call,
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    Case Studies

    Air Quality Assessment for Planning, Northampton

    NoiseAir regularly carry out air quality assessments as part of a planning application. If a proposed development is located in a local air quality management area, air quality assessments are often requested by the local authority to ensure that residents in the newly proposed development will not be subject to adverse air pollution. This is often due to traffic, but can also be due to nearby commercial pollutants and odours. In this case, NoiseAir carried out an air quality assessment which demonstrated high levels of pollutants on the road adjacent to the new development. This had implications on ventilation requirements for the building and we were able to address this issue before any building / services installation work commenced.

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