BB93 Building Bulletin – School and College Acoustics

BB93 - Acoustic design in schools & colleges

'Building Bulletin 93 ‘Acoustic design of schools: performance standards’ (BB93, 2014) and 'Acoustics of Schools: a design guide’ (IOA and ANC, 2015) set out the minimum acceptable acoustic performance standards for school buildings, with guidance on how to demonstrate compliance with the Building Regulations.

The documents provide guidance and recommendations on the acoustic design of both new and refurbished schools.

Appropriate acoustic design is vital in educational facilities. Research has shown that loud or distracting noise can directly impact the learning environment with adverse effects on concentration levels, stress and fatigue levels and general wellbeing.

Effective acoustic design is not simply about reducing noise levels. Reverberation must also be considered to ensure effective communication can take place.

These requirements can be even more important to learning potential for younger children or children with special educational needs.

BB93 assessments for new, refurbished and existing schools

For educational planning applications, it is important to appoint an acoustic consultant in the early planning stages. For new builds and change of use of existing buildings, we can assist with the acoustic design from the start.

For existing schools and refurbishments, our consultants can assess the current internal acoustics and reverberation levels. Where acoustic performance is substandard, recommendations can be made to achieve BB93 compliance. This may include installation of acoustic materials or modifying the room layout.

Our consultants have extensive experience in the education sector. Our services include:

  • Educational planning applications - acoustic feasibility studies, noise impact assessments.
  • Internal school room design - classrooms, communal spaces, IT suites, sports halls.
  • Assessment of site plant, ventilation, extractor fans, air conditioning units.
  • Sound insulation testing

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