BS4142 Noise Assessments

What is BS4142:2014 and why does it matter?

BS4142:2014 Methods for Rating and Assessing Industrial and Commercial Sound - is a British Standard which proposes a method of assessing noise stemming from industrial or commercial operations or machinery.

Examples can include:

  • Mechanical and electrical plant e.g. air conditioning, mechanical ventilation systems.
  • Industrial operations and machinery e.g. press machinery, dust extraction units, commercial shredders.
  • Generators
  • Commercial kitchen extraction systems
  • Vehicle MOT testing centres
  • Loading and unloading operations in factories, warehouses, depots and industrial facilities.
  • Air conditioning units, condensers and chillers in retail units.

A BS4142 assessment is used to identify the impact of industrial or commercial noise on the surrounding environment, including local residents and businesses.

BS4142 can be used to assess existing noise sources, or to identify the impact of proposed installations and developments. This forms a crucial part of planning applications to ensure your proposal is viable from an early planning stage.

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