Noise control for public events, including music festivals, sports and wedding venues

Providing the right atmosphere and acoustic conditions for leisure and entertainment facilities is paramount to their success. Equally, you must consider the impact of noise on nearby residents and premises, in accordance with applicable regulations, British Standards and local guidelines including planning policy. We can help you with this.

Event noise management and licensing

Getting a licence or planning consent for any public event such as a music festival, wedding venue or concert often requires a noise management plan. This sets out requirements for monitoring of noise emissions for the event, to avoid exceeding acceptable noise levels and breach of your licence.

Effective event noise monitoring and keeping the event within the set limits ensures that your event can be repeated for years to come

We are highly experienced when it comes to music festivals and live event venues. We will liaise with the EHO (Environmental Health Officer) and planning departments on your behalf to make sure you are compliant with guidelines.

We will constantly monitor noise levels and communicate with your front of house sound technicians or event management team. This way, we ensure your event sticks to the required environmental noise constraints.

We can also professionally and thoroughly investigate any noise complaints in real time and take appropriate action and reporting without disturbing your event.

Our experts undertake all monitoring using Type 1, professional standard sound level meters.

Event noise control specialists

Our experienced consultants and technicians specialise in providing event noise assessments and control for the following:

  • Music Festivals
  • Wedding Venues
  • Sporting Events
  • Marquee Events
  • Public Gatherings

Covering the whole of the UK, providing you with a fixed quotation and quick turnaround

For more information on any of our event noise assessments or noise control solutions, please get in touch.

We’re able to cover feasibility for new proposed projects and sites, and assessments of existing issues.
You’ll get jargon-free reporting and advice on the best possible measures to mitigate your noise issues.

    Case Studies

    Leicester Music Festival, Leicester Tigers

    NoiseAir worked alongside Leicester Tigers RFC when they hosted the annual Leicester Music Festival. NoiseAir’s primary role at such events is to provide real time monitoring of noise levels to ensure compliance with local authority requirements. Compliance is a vital component for event planners who require permits from the council to continue their work from year to year. NoiseAir has also worked on several events in a similar role including a number of music festivals, concerts and wedding venues.

    Weddings – Sugnall Estate, Staffordshire

    NoiseAir was commissioned to undertake environmental noise monitoring at 8 proposed music / wedding events over a twelve month period. Noise level criteria adopted was in accordance with the limits set by the local authority and advised to NoiseAir. The closest significant receiver location i.e. nearest residents were confirmed by the local authority and two manned monitoring positions were adopted for the events. NoiseAir provided live noise data to the client throughout the event for the purpose of maintain compliance. If noise levels are not monitored at such events and the client continually exceeds local authority conditions, this may have implications for future licences at such events.

    Event Noise Assessments
    Event Noise Assessments

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