Acoustic Enclosure Oxford

As part of their cutting edge research facility, The University of Oxford acquired a new electron microscope which requires the supercooling of samples for examination. This process involves compressors and liquid nitrogen as part of the cooling process. Such compressors produce noise and vibration which can affect the successful operation of the electron microscope. It is therefore critical that the noise and vibration of the compressors remains isolated from the microscope in order to allow successful operation.

NoiseAir was subsequently appointed to design and install two acoustic enclosures to attenuate the noise and vibration. The enclosures were designed using our laboratory tested steel modular panel system, providing an effective solution for our client. The enclosures were installed on-site by our specialist noise control partners with minimal disruption to the working day. On completion of the installation, NoiseAir revisited the site to carry out post-installation testing in order to confirm the level of noise and vibration reduction achieved from the enclosures.

Noise At Work

NoiseAir was recently approached to carry out a Noise Risk Assessment at a commercial document shredding facility in Wrexham, North Wales. The primary concerns of the company were not only the shredding machinery itself, but also the noise emanating from other processes at the site, particularly the fork-lift vehicle operation and use of the bailing machines, as well as loading and unloading procedures.

Our consultants assessed all employees and processes based in the workshop. The data collected from the assessment was then used to calculate the noise exposure for individual employees and job roles. The company were then provided with a technical report with results and appropriate recommendations as appropriate areas of increased noise exposure.

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