To progress your planning application quickly, you will need a partner that provides noise assessments and acoustic reports in a thorough and timely manner.

Your local council and planning department will provide guidance on the assessments you need to carry out, as well as the requirements you must meet.

We have a wealth of experience working on planning applications. We have developed longstanding relationships with local authorities and Environmental Health Officers and will happily liaise with them on your behalf to overcome any noise related issues.

We pride ourselves on a collaborative approach and will work closely alongside your architects, developers, builders and other individuals.

We aim to give your planning application the best chance of approval, first time.

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noise assessment
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Our planning application services cover:

  • Residential Planning Applications – noise assessments for houses, apartments, new builds, conversions and change of use.
  • Environmental – noise impact assessments, including traffic noise, railway noise, industrial noise.
  • Industrial Premises – noisy plant and machinery, extractor fans, air conditioning units.
  • Retail Premises – shops, restaurants & fast food outlets (planning permission for air conditioning and extraction units).
  • Night Clubs, Pubs & Bars – noise assessments for planning approval and change of use.
  • Public Events – live music venues, music festivals & concerts, wedding venues and sporting events.

Your acoustic assessment will include:

  • Up to two site visits as standard
  • Noise monitoring at designated areas
  • Analysis of noise data using industry leading software
  • A full acoustic technical report
  • Recommended mitigation measures, if necessary
  • Liaison with the local authority, as appropriate
acoustic survey

British Standards & noise guidance documents for planning applications

Listed below are some of the specifications you may need to comply with:

  • BS4142 – Rating of industrial noise, required to investigate the impact of a noise source that is located or is proposed to be located close to any residential dwellings. You may be required to carry out a day time or a night time BS4142 noise assessment.
  • Pro PG (Professional Practice Guidance on Planning and Noise) – Used for assessing the impact of transportation noise on a new residential development, this could be a new build scheme or a change of use.
  • PPG 24 – Environmental Planning Guidance, required to investigate the suitability of land for the building of residential housing (or change of use), taking into account any existing noise source such as roads, motorways, railways or nearby factory workings etc. Noise testing is normally carried out over a 24-hour representative period.
  • BS8233:2014 – identifies appropriate internal and external noise levels for bedrooms, living spaces and gardens for day time and night time. It also provides guidance on sound insulation design.
  • WHO Guidelines – The World Health Organisation is the leading authority on research on the detrimental health effects of excessive noise exposure. The WHO guidelines highlight acceptable noise levels in bedrooms conducive to undisturbed sleep patterns for occupants.
  • National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) – advises on how planning can manage potential noise impacts in a new development.
  • Noise Policy Statement for England (NPSE) – sets out the long term vision of government noise policy.
  • BB93 Building Bulletin – School and College Acoustics - A document that provides guidance on acoustic treatments for school building design. Typically, we would carry out noise measurements to establish internal reverberance of a classroom or a lecture theatre to check it complies with building criteria and conforms to the above document.

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    Case Studies

    Lioncourt Homes, Telford

    NoiseAir was recently appointed by Lioncourt Homes to carry out a noise impact assessment in support of a planning application in Telford, Shropshire. The client was seeking planning permission to redevelop the site in question into 94 new dwellings. The proposed dwellings comprised a mixture of detached, semi-detached and terraced houses of two, three and four bedroom properties.

    The primary concern at the site was the road traffic noise originating from the nearby A4640 and to a lesser extent, Gatcombe Way. Traffic noise has the potential to create adverse impact to future residents living on the site.

    The noise impact assessment took into consideration noise sensitive areas of the proposed development i.e. proposed residential areas / bedrooms as well as outdoor space.

    In accordance with NoiseAir’s standard procedure, our consultants liaised with the Local Authority regarding the planning application in order to address any potential noise problems, and therefore increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. Subsequently, our technical report provided a detailed sound insulation scheme to ensure that future residents would not be exposed to unacceptable noise levels. Lioncourt Homes then went on to successfully obtain planning permission for the development.

    Noise Assessments for Planning Applications
    Noise Assessments for Planning Applications
    noise assessment for planning application
    Noise Assessments for Planning Applications

    Dog Daycare Centre, Cheshire

    NoiseAir were contacted by a local landowner who proposed to change the use of his land to a commercial dog daycare centre. The local authority requested a noise impact assessment as part of the planning application to ensure that the new business would not cause significant disturbance to nearby residents. NoiseAir were able to carry out acoustic 3D modelling to accurately calculate proposed noise levels at nearby receptors and provide appropriate mitigation advice to aid the planning application. NoiseAir were able to liaise directly with the local EHO to discuss the project methodology and address any concerns. Data analysis was presented in a full technical report and concluded that there would be no significant impact to nearby residents.

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