Noise Control

Noise control and soundproofing for industrial, commercial and public sector applications.

High Performance Acoustic Enclosures

A noisy working environment due to industrial machinery can expose your company’s employees to serious health risks. Whilst individual protection measures can be taken, a bespoke acoustic enclosure may be more effective.

Manufactured in the UK, our steel acoustic enclosures are robust and weatherproof, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

We’ll provide you with effective noise control solutions for internal and external sound barriers, rooftop plant enclosures, machinery and a wide range of industrial purposes.

Using our laboratory tested steel acoustic panels, which are available in various thicknesses, our enclosures will give you proven sound insulation in even the noisiest environments.

Acoustic Enclosure Benefits

  • Bespoke design – meeting your exact requirements.
  • Robust steel manufacture – for long-lasting noise control and peace of mind.
  • Proven laboratory tested acoustic performance -
  • Modular on-site construction – for speedy installation with minimal disruption.
  • Self-supporting up to 6 m in height – no need for expensive structural changes.
  • Featuring a unique jointing system - for quick and easy assembly/disassembly.
  • Flexible and adaptable –easily modified for future requirements.

Easily Assembled Modular Acoustic Booths

Acoustic booths are a “room within a room” – fully isolated and sealed, with lab proven sound insulation to give you highly reliable and effective sound insulation.

Using a modular steel panelled system, our soundproofed booths are manufactured in Leicestershire. They’re delivered to you in flat-pack form and constructed swiftly on-site. This minimises disruption to your day-to-day operations – great for when you’ve still got a busy hospital clinic, music lessons or hectic factory schedule to maintain.

We’ll provide you with effective noise control solutions for internal and external sound barriers, rooftop plant enclosures, machinery and a wide range of industrial purposes.

Our acoustic booths and rooms are available in standard sizes, but we can easily design and manufacture them around your requirements.

Optional extras include acoustic flooring systems, ceilings, windows and doors. We can also provide ventilation and AC systems, alongside remedial work to electrical fittings and lighting.

Acoustic Booth Benefits:

  • Modular steel panel construction – quick installation with minimal disruption.
  • Up to 55dB Rw lab-tested – proven soundproofing performance.
  • No conventional building work required – reduces costs and disruption.
  • White, pre-painted finish – ready to use.
  • Unique jointing system – easily dissembled and reassembled.

Acoustic Screens for Effective Noise Reduction

When it’s not practical or necessary to employ a full acoustic enclosure, our screens offer you an excellent alternative.

Constructed in-situ using modular steel panels, they can be supplied to any length or height* and provide you with effective sound insulation.

Our acoustic screens are robust and weatherproof, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. We can easily incorporate doors and windows to the barrier design, should you need them.

As with all our noise control solutions, they are laboratory tested and can be supplied in a range of thicknesses to meet your exact noise control requirements.

Typical Applications for Acoustic Panels:

  • Noise barriers – traffic, railway and aircraft noise
  • Industrial plant and machinery – noise screens or semi enclosures
  • Acoustic screening for offices and commercial buildings
  • Perimeter acoustic screens – car parks, traffic depots etc
  • Demolition and building sites
  • Sports venues

Noise at Work Regulations (2005)

As an employer, you should know your responsibilities when it comes to exposure of employees to noise.

If you’re concerned that noise in your workplace could be above HSE limits, we’re happy to advise and can provide you with a Noise at Work Risk Assessment.

A noise risk assessment can save you money by pinpointing problem noise areas within the workplace. It will confirm exact noise levels along with detailed mitigation measures as part of a written report.

Useful links: Control of Noise at Work Regulations

Noise Consultancy Services

In order to identify the correct noise control solutions for you, we can provide a full consultancy service.

First, we’ll complete an on-site acoustic survey at your premises to pinpoint the exact noise levels of concern. Following the survey we’ll issue a detailed report outlining the best practical mitigation measures.

Our acoustic consultants have many years experience in all aspects of acoustics and mechanical design, are fully qualified and members of the Institute of Acoustics.

Find out about our Consultancy & Noise Testing services.

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