Quickly assess the noise impact of your project

We are surrounded by noise at all times and in many areas of life. It only becomes a problem when it significantly impacts on other people nearby.

Noise impact assessments are typically requested when a development or project is likely to affect the surrounding area. This could be due to construction, a new commercial operation or change of use, increased traffic and so on. Additionally, if you are planning a residential development in a busy area, surrounding existing noise sources may impact on new residents.

You may be asked by your local council to carry out an environmental impact assessment for the analysis of noise, and we will be happy to liaise with your local Environmental Health Officer or Planning Department on your behalf.

We can respond swiftly to assess the noise impact of your project in advance, provide you with accurate, jargon-free advice, saving you money and time in the long-term.

We are also able to recommend a wide range of acoustic solutions to help you mitigate the impact of noise, should you need them.

noise assessment
noise impact assessment
Noise Impact Assessments
Noise Impact Assessments

How our noise impact assessments work

You’ll get a fast and professional response, wherever you are in the UK. Depending on your requirements, we will typically provide a full technical report within 10-14 working days of receiving your order. However we will endeavour to meet any deadlines where possible.

Noise assessments often involve several parties. We have strong working relationships with local authorities and Environmental Health Officers and will engage at an early stage to address any potential noise issues. We will also work closely with architects and builders where necessary.

Your noise impact assessment will typically include:

  • A measurement of existing (baseline) noise at the site.
  • Assessment of noise impact for your proposed project or development.
  • Analysis of noise data using industry leading software.
  • A full technical noise impact assessment report.
  • Recommended mitigation measures, if necessary.

When do I need a noise impact assessment?

Some examples where a noise impact assessment is typically required:

  • A proposed building development near roads, railways or other noise sources
  • New or existing plant and machinery
  • Chiller, air-conditioning and condenser noise breakout
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) noise breakout
  • Generator noise
  • Fan noise
  • Traffic noise

The specifications below are widely used with reference to a noise impact assessment.

BS4142 The rating of industrial noise

Don’t let noise impact on your project’s bottom line

There isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to noise impact assessments, so we would always advise that you contact us as soon as possible to discuss your project.

We are always happy to provide you with jargon-free advice, alongside a firm, competitive quotation.

If you’re not quite sure what you need give us a call, or complete the form and we’ll get back to you.

    Case Studies

    Wine Shop & Deli, Manchester

    NoiseAir were instructed to carry out a noise survey by a client who owned a deli in Manchester. The business had been operational for some time, however the expansion of the business to provide more eat-in food resulted in installation of kitchen extraction ducting on the outside of the building. Unfortunately, local residents in the vicinity raised concerns to the local council regarding the noise levels generated by the ducting and NoiseAir were brought in to carry out a survey.

    The assessment highlighted that noise levels were exceeding local authority recommendations and guidelines, however NoiseAir were able to propose various mitigation options at varying costs. The client was able to overcome the issue by installation of an acoustic enclosure and on retesting, the noise levels were favourable in terms of the nearest receptors.

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