Odour assessments for planning applications

NoiseAir have extensive experience in odour assessments. Odour emissions are potentially generated from multiple sources including:

  • commercial kitchens, restaurants and fast food outlets
  • intensive livestock farming and slurry management
  • abattoirs
  • waste water and sewage treatment
  • waste management and incineration
  • composting facilities
  • several industrial processes

If your project is likely to cause an odour that will impact on its surroundings, or if your proposed development is near to any existing odour sources, an odour assessment may be required as part of your planning application.

Our consultants have developed longstanding relationships with local authorities and Environmental Health Officers and will happily liaise with them on your behalf to overcome any potential odour issues.

We aim to give your planning application the best chance of approval, first time.

Our odour assessment services include:

  • Odour impact assessments in support of planning applications
  • Odour assessments in support of environmental permit applications
  • Dispersion modelling
  • Odour risk assessments
  • Complaints investigation
  • Odour management plans
  • Complaints investigation
  • Mitigation measures

Detailed odour analysis

We offer a range of approaches to your odour assessment, dependent on the nature of your project. Our methods are based on the most up-to-date guidance from the Environment Agency and standard guidance on best practice from the Institute of Air Quality Management (IAQM).

We have a wealth of experience in the use of modelling, measurement, and survey techniques, and will work closely with local authorities and Environmental Health Officers on your behalf.

Our collaborative approach and knowledge of the regulatory processes means we can give your application the best chance of timely approval, first time.

Guidance of the assessment of odour for planning:


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    Case Studies

    Odour Assessment, Gainsborough

    NoiseAir were commissioned to undertake an odour assessment at a poultry food processing company. Due to the factory's close proximity to nearby residents, complaints had been made to the council. Our consultants carried out a detailed site survey which analysed odour emissions from the site. The assessment included identifying the affected receptors, analysing the operating processes and existing mitigation measures, as well as formulating an odour management plan

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