Acoustic booths and soundproofing for recording studios

For a professional recording studio, we are the experts in the field for professional grade soundproofing.

Recording studio design and build and studio soundproofing is our speciality, having provided many clients with professional, commercial and educational studios.

We can provide a turnkey service with design, manufacture and installation of booths using a modular system. We can also provide solutions for existing rooms to suit all budgets. What’s more, they are quick and easy to install, minimising disruption.

Our recording studios and soundproofing solutions are ideal for:

  • Commercial recording studio ventures
  • Radio and media
  • Studio suites for schools, colleges and universities

You will get a music practice or recording space with lab-tested acoustic specifications and soundproofing.

We can help you minimise noise impact on the surrounding environment, while you, your clients or students will be able to enjoy high quality acoustics and sound insulation.

Benefits of modular design soundproofing:

  • Flexible design - customisable to fit the shape and size of your space
  • Quick and easy to assemble - clip fixings allow easy installation and dismantling
  • Steel panels - strong and durable
  • Laboratory tested - guaranteed acoustic performance up to 55 dB Rw
  • Customisable - option of acoustic doors, windows, panels, electrics, air conditioning, ventilation, custom walls & flooring
  • Avoid building work - no traditional building work required allowing rapid installation and minimal disruption
  • Cost-effective - in comparison to traditional building work
  • 'Room within a room' design - the preferred choice in modern studio and soundproofing design

Home studios and soundproofing

As well as professional recording studios and soundproofing, we’re also able to help with your home studio project.

Jam away, rock out and practice to your heart’s content, without worrying about upsetting the neighbours!

If you’re looking for a DIY solution, we can supply soundproofing materials via our online shop.

Did you know?

The average live band playing will be reaching noise levels well over 100 dB, which means that to effectively reduce the noise breakout you will need a specialist soundproofed room - a room that is acoustically insulated to a high degree.

What our clients say

To get started, either give us a call or complete the contact form, including brief details or a drawing plan. Then we can provide a budget quotation before exploring your music or recording studio project in more detail.

    Case Studies

    New Music Rooms, Southampton University

    Noiseair were recently involved in the design, manufacture and installation of two new music rooms for the Music Department at Southampton University. The music rooms were designed as a ‘room in a room’ giving optimum soundproofing and acoustic performance. The design incorporated our modular acoustic panel system to the walls, acoustic doors and ceilings with a low noise ventilation system. The modular design allows flexibility in terms of size, configuration and spec. The panels can even be customised in terms of colour.

    The music rooms are suitable for all types of music practice and rehearsal, from individual students to a full orchestra. Modular music practice rooms are quick to install, meaning minimal disruption to the normal teaching schedule. We can often arrange installation to be undertaken out of term time and we will do all we can to accommodate your requirements.

    Upon installation completion, NoiseAir carried out sound insulation testing in order to confirm that the soundproofing and noise breakout met all requirements.

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