Architectural acoustics

Considering the acoustic design of rooms and sound insulation in both new buildings and refurbishment projects is essential. We offer a bespoke acoustic design service and can advise you on a wide range of products and materials to enhance the acoustic performance of the room or open space.

It is important to discuss your acoustic requirements with an experienced consultant at the planning stage of your project. Involvement of an acoustic consultant at an early stage ensures appropriate planning, avoiding potential remedial work and increased costs later down the line.

Acoustic design support for your next project

We use the latest Odeon® acoustics software, enabling us to simulate and measure the interior acoustics of any room or building. This is invaluable for any architect when calling up for the correct specification and quantities of acoustic insulation and reverberation materials.

We can demonstrate the current and proposed acoustic performance of your room using a 3D-model. Sound insulation, transmission, reverberance and other key acoustic performance indicators can be predicted, illustrated, and listened to.

Using this software enables us to

  • Make simulations of your project’s acoustics using 3D models
  • Measure the acoustics in “real” rooms
  • Provide you with accurate results

Specification of acoustic materials

We can accurately predict and specify acoustic materials for many applications, including:

  • Churches, halls & places of worship
  • Classrooms & lecture theatres
  • Open plan offices & call centres
  • Sports halls & gyms
  • Restaurants & bars
  • Music studios
  • Industrial & commercial environments
  • Buildings & residential developments

Covering the whole of the UK, providing you with a fixed quotation and quick turnaround

For more information on any of our acoustic room design services or sound insulation solutions, please get in touch.

We’re able to cover feasibility for new proposed projects and sites, and assessments of existing issues.
You’ll get jargon-free reporting and advice on the best possible measures to mitigate your noise issues.

    Case Studies


    NoiseAir was recently commissioned by the University of Wales to undertake extensive acoustic testing for a proposed recording studios project within the existing campus building. The university offered three different spaces with recording studio capabilities and it was our brief to acoustically test each room for best suitability.

    Initial testing was carried out at a surrogate ‘off-site’ professional studio (previously used by the client) in order to determine target acoustic parameters and criteria for the proposed new studio location within the university.

    Acoustic testing undertaken included reverberation testing, ambient sound level testing and sound insulation testing. Detailed 3D acoustic modelling was also undertaken using cutting edge ODEON software, to accurately calculate and simulate interior acoustics of rooms as part of the design process.

    Upon completion of on-site acoustic testing, a detailed report was written for our client which included survey methodology, test results and data analysis. From the analysis we were able to calculate the acoustic room design, acoustic specification and acoustic performance for the proposed studio rooms.

    Room Acoustic Design
    Room Acoustic Design

    Bombardier Office Refurbishment, Derby

    Bombardier are a large transport engineering company with a depot and offices in Derby. NoiseAir were approached at the initial stages stages of the project to refurbish a large Victorian building, to accommodate a state-of-the-art engineering design centre and offices.

    The nature of the old building meant excessive reverberation levels which required specialist acoustics consultation and design, to ensure a comfortable working environment for their large number of employees.

    NoiseAir carried out extensive on-site noise analysis and mapping which was then collated into a report for our client. Appropriate assessment and consultation allowed recommendations of appropriate acoustic products, whilst also adhering to the client’s budget.

    NoiseAir work closely with specialist acoustic material suppliers allowing us to select the most suitable materials and products for the project. Along with numerous other contractors the project was delivered on time and within budget.

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