The Control of Noise at Work Regulations (2005)

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations (2005) were introduced to ensure that employees are not exposed to excessive noise levels while working. Excessive noise exposure over time has been shown to cause noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus, which can be permanent.

In the industrial sector, excessive noise is commonplace from noisy power tools and machinery, explosive sources e.g. cartridge operated tools or detonators, or repetitive noise impacts e.g. hammering, drop forging, pneumatic tools, for example.

What are my obligations as an employer?

Are you an employer and unsure of your responsibilities? The law states that employers are obliged to protect their employees from excessive noise by carrying out an assessment and identifying measures to reduce noise exposure in order to protect their hearing.

Workplace insurance policies will often check that you are conforming with noise at work regulations and employers are obliged to ensure compliance.

Where noise risk is low, ensuring compliance may be simple and inexpensive. However for higher risk workplaces, a noise risk assessment can save you money by highlighting the problem noise areas within the workplace before they become a serious issue.

Our reports outline both employer and employee obligations in order to comply with regulations e.g. a noise management plan, training requirements, hearing protection (if required).

We are happy to advise and answer any concerns that you might have and can carry out a Noise at Work Risk Assessment on your behalf.

Industrial and commercial acoustic consultancy and noise assessments

For new and existing projects, across a range of industries, we will provide you with expert acoustic consultancy services. This normally begins with an on-site acoustic survey to pinpoint the exact noise levels of concern. Following the survey, we will issue you a detailed report outlining the best practical mitigation measures.

In order to mitigate against noise levels in your premises, we can also provide you with the appropriate measures to control it. These include everything from acoustic enclosures and booths for soundproofing, to screens and blankets for absorption.

Our noise control systems are manufactured in the UK, and modular in design, allowing them to be custom-made to your requirements. You can rest assured in the knowledge that our systems are lab tested, with quick and easy installation to minimise disruption.

Covering the whole of the UK, providing you with a fixed quote and fast turnaround

For more information on any of our workplace noise assessments or noise control solutions, please get in touch.

Does your workplace have excessive noise levels?

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    Case Studies

    Noise At Work Assessment, Wrexham

    NoiseAir was recently approached to carry out a Noise Risk Assessment at a commercial document shredding facility in Wrexham, North Wales.

    The primary concerns of the company were not only the shredding machinery itself, but also the noise emanating from other processes at the site, particularly the fork-lift vehicle operation and use of the bailing machines, as well as loading and unloading procedures.

    Our consultants assessed all employees and processes based in the workshop. The data collected from the assessment was then used to calculate the noise exposure for individual employees and job roles. The company were then provided with a technical report with results and appropriate recommendations as appropriate areas of increased noise exposure.

    Noise Risk Assessment - Tyre Recycling Plant, Ellesmere Port

    NoiseAir recently conducted a noise at work assessment at a large tyre recycling facility in Ellesmere Port. The company pride themselves on turning waste rubber and plastics back into their raw materials for reuse. However, the process of shredding and granulating tyres involves noisy machinery and processes which can put operatives at risk of excessive noise exposure.

    Our acoustic consultants carried out two site visits to assess the processes and machinery in action. All employees working on the site were assessed in order to calculate their individual noise exposure throughout the working day. The company were then provided with a technical report with results and appropriate recommendations including staff training, treatment of noise at source, and designated hearing protection zones.

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